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The canvas upon the continent’s epic story of history and culture is etched across the 50 diverse countries: there simply is nowhere like it in the world. Experience the signature savannah of the Serengeti, the Indian Ocean coastline of Mozambique, and the unchartered wilderness of Kenya. Wherever you are in this beautiful and extensive continent of natural beauty, wildlands and rich tradition is sure to take your breath away. Embark on a luxury African holiday where wildlife-rich national parks meet candle-lit dinners under a canopy of stars.

Available Properties

La Cigale Estate
The Seychelles
La Cigale offers guests the ultimate luxury Seychelles holiday in sumptuous seclusion and glorious comfort.
Villa Above
Cape Town, South Africa
Villa Above is a sleek luxury villa in the heart of downtown Cape Town yet offering privacy and relaxation.
Villa Moonlight
Cape Town, South Africa
With eye-catching yet sympathetic interior design, and spectacular views of the natural wonders of the Cape, Villa Moonlight offers visitors an incredible luxury holiday in South Africa.
Villa Hawk
Cape Town, South Africa
Luxury villa holiday with commanding views of Cape Town and sleek contemporary design.

Interesting to Know


Covers 6% of the entire world’s surface.


Being home to the largest desert, river and inland Delta: The Sahara, the Nile River and the Okavango Delta.


From the Ngorongoro Crater, Okavango Delta, and Serengeti Africa are truly remarkable.


From hot air balloon safaris over the Serengeti to walking safaris in Kenya, the vast continent of Africa is a land of unforgettable experiences waiting to happen.

AFRICA Inspiration


The evocative and romantic setting of Kenya, recognised by the book and film ‘Out of Africa’, is the original safari destination. The breathtakingly beautiful Kenya continues to connect the animal kingdom to us. A luxury safari holiday in Kenya offers the unique chance to witness high concentrations of the ‘Big Five’ game animals, from the lions of the Massai Mara to the annual migration of wildebeest and rarer species such as the rhino.

Kenya offers a wide range of luxury travel opportunities, from luxury safari lodges to luxury tented suites, making this diverse ecosystem a true African lover’s paradise.


An emphasis on undiscovered wilderness, a luxury travel to Mozambique offers the ultimate off-the-beaten-track experiences. Laidback African charm paired with unspoiled pristine beaches of white powdered sands. The perfect ingredients of laid-back culture, stunning coastline as well as booming wildlife reserves make this the ultimate southern African paradise.


The possibilities are endless in this diverse country. From the bars and restaurants of vibrant Cape Town to the sleepy coastal towns, this beautiful country is waiting to be discovered. Your next luxury South African holiday is sure to be filled with an abundance of wildlife over the inspiring landscape. Witness first-hand the stunning beauty of African giraffes and elephants or mingle with African penguins on the golden sand beaches. The superb game viewing opportunities sit perfectly alongside the numerous luxurious gateways of South Africa.


A trip to Tanzania can only be described as a safari dream come true. The perfect combination of luxury and adventure is presented in this wildlife haven. From close wildlife encounters of astonishing animals and natural splendour to an unforgettable sunrise hot air ballooning over the vast Serengeti, a luxury Tanzanian holiday offers the chance to experience the East African’s charm at its finest. Migrations and Masai tribes will whisk you away to a magical world of beauty and culture.


This vast and wild country is where the drama of life unfolds at every turn. A luxury Botswana safari offers the opportunity to encounter the extensive wildlife of the Okavango delta, there simply is nowhere like it in the world. The unparalleled beauty offers endless safari possibilities, in the biggest inland delta in the world. Witness the large elephant herds in the Chobe National Park, blessed with some of Africa’s most beautiful reserves and an array of extraordinary wildlife the beauty and diversity seem endless. Spend your Botswana luxury getaway witnessing wild beauty and end your nights under the shimmering African skies.