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  • Birth of the camera phone: Parisian, Philippe Kahn invented the camera phone in 1997

  • Literary Giants: France has won the most Nobel prizes for literature

  • 3427km of Coastline: That’s roughly the distance from Paris to Petra

  • The Iron Lady: Thatcher and the Eiffel Tower share the name La Dame de Fer


South of France


The Alps

When it comes to the South of France, what’s not to love? Begin your journey wondering down the Cannes promenade where you can enjoy a glass of local wine and enjoy the luxury boutiques. Head to St Tropez distinguished for being a melting point for the rich and famous with its old-fashioned charm and chic characteristics. If you are looking for a luxury French holiday, then the French Riviera is the perfect destination. Take advantage of everything it has to offer and perhaps head more inland and take to the rivers and lakes to experience the thrill of kayaking, or even hike or rent a bike and explore the stunning scenery. Although you will never want to leave your private luxury villa, be sure to explore the chateaux's and make the most of your luxury France holiday that awaits.

Take a luxury holiday in Provence between late June and August, and you will encounter the lavender season in all its might. Views of endless horizons swathed in purple will leave you feeling immediately calm. This beautiful region is known for its old-world charm, with sleepy villages tucked into fertile valleys and sprawling farmhouses that make the perfect luxury villa holiday in the south of France. From charming hilltop hideaways with distant ocean views to Medieval villages lost in time, we know how to explore the best of Provence for a magical luxury holiday in France you will never forget.

The crisp alpine air, the patter of ski boots heading towards the snow and propelling bodies venturing up and down the slopes sum up a winter’s morning in the Alps. Renowned for its stunning beauty, the French Alps are a must when it comes to your next luxury chalet retreat. Enjoy your private chalet where you can explore the iconic Les 3 Vallées, known as the largest ski area or you may prefer to visit the Alps and enjoy your catered ski chalet during the summer months. For the adventurers amongst you, parapont off the summer mountain peaks or hike around the pristine, lush green landscape. Your boutique chalet awaits where you can truly enjoy all that the mountains have to offer.

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