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November – April



The Caribbean is a joyous mosaic of islands separated by azure seas, unblemished beaches, and a feeling of peaceful timeless charm. A luxury holiday in the Caribbean offers a unique opportunity to explore breathtaking beaches, discover underwater wonders, and experience new and exciting cultures.

Choose from one of the many Caribbean luxury villas: from an ultra-luxurious St Barts vacation to the turquoise waters of Barbados and the idyllic string of islands in the Bahamas, indulge in everything the Caribbean has to offer.

Available Properties

Calivigny Island Luxury holiday Caribbean
Calivigny island
Calivigny Island, Grenada, Caribbean
Pick from our range of exclusive island rentals and escape to the privacy of Calivigny Island for your own luxury Caribbean holiday. Enjoy the soft white sand and turquoise sea of Grenada from the comfort of your own private Island.
Villa Byzance
Colombier, St Barts, Caribbean
Villa Byzance, Colombier, St Barts, Caribbean Jet off to St Barts, one of the most astounding Caribbean destinations, and stay in this fantastic luxury private villa for an unforgettable holiday.
Villa Coco
Lorient, St Barts, Caribbean
Villa Coco, Lorient, St Barts Caribbean A classic Caribbean charm luxury villa in St Barts with open-plan living panoramic sea views, and a heated infinity pool.
La Galtayrie
Anse de Cayes, St Barts, Caribbean
La Galtayrie Villa, Anse des Cayes – St Barts, Caribbean Think of a stunning property in a Bond film, and you’ll be thinking about Villa La Galtayrie in St Barts.

Interesting to Know


The region only really has two seasons (dry and rainy) and tropical seasons.


Stunning beaches, natural beauty and friendly hospitality.


Swim with the wild pigs in the Bahamas; Land on the St Barts runway and head to a rum distillery in Barbados.



This extraordinary archipelago stretches across the Northern edge of the Caribbean Sea. From Nassau, the tropical, fun-loving beating heart of the Bahamas to the uninhabited cays, there’s an astonishing array of natural beauty and historic towns waiting to be discovered. A luxury holiday in the Bahamas provides breath-taking beaches, warm blue seas, and a chance to experience the Bahamian culture. Build lifelong memories with family and friends in this true Caribbean playground or celebrate a honeymoon in the Bahamas in this paradise of unparalleled luxury.


Unprecedented luxury awaits on the beautiful island of Barbados, situated as the most Easterly Island in the Caribbean, a luxury holiday in Barbados is the perfect choice for a relaxing getaway. Powdery sandy beaches and brilliant turquoise waters make this island a breath-taking oasis. Live life in the slow lane where colourful towns meet the year-round sun. If you are dreaming of a honeymoon of serene tranquillity look no further and experience a private and peaceful getaway on your luxury holiday in Barbados.


This multifaceted jewel is a picture-perfect tropical paradise with the luxury and charm of the French Riviera. It comes as no surprise that the island has earned its reputation for oozing exclusivity and luxury, from the relaxed tempo, designer boutiques, gastronomical delights, and of course the unparalleled beauty a luxury holiday in St Barts will not disappoint. Breath-taking splendour is what characterises St Barts, the perfect size this small island Is speckled with red roofs that complement the charming French Caribbean houses and the island simply gives off an undeniably harmonious vibe. To experience the very best of Caribbean luxury head to this beautiful island.