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  • The concept of shaking hands originated in Ancient Greece

  • Tradition remains that Greece’s blue shade keeps evil spirits at bay

  • The legendary home of Zeus, Mount Olympus, is 2917 metres high.

  • The origins of Athens date back around 3,400 years





One of the best ways to experience Greece in luxury is to rent a villa in Mykonos. This stylish island is home to some of the most exclusive beach clubs and luxury villas in the Aegean. Beyond the glamour, local tavernas serve the fresh fish and villages of dazzling white sparkle against the azure sky. Ancient temples pepper the valleys, and hidden coves are yours to enjoy far from the crowds. From scenic picnics to luxury boat charters, we can design the perfect luxury holiday in Mykonos.

The island of Santorini as we know it today is, in fact, the rim of a massive volcano sunken beneath the water. Local legend maintains that in the depths of the submerged crater is the ancient city of Atlantis. Our luxury trips to Santorini never lose touch with the island’s culture and palpable history. Based in one of our favourite private villas in Santorini, discover some of the best restaurants in Greece and switch your watch to laid-back island time.

Perhaps one of the most historic of Greek islands, a luxury holiday in Paros combines depth of culture and pure relaxation. In the soft, rolling hills of Paros, you will find sleepy provincial villages tucked into scented pine forests and some of the most stunning Byzantine architecture in Greece. Famous for its marble export, the island was once the jewel in the Greek crown, and many local marble sculptors remain, perfecting their craft over generations. The island feels wilder than some of its neighbours, and it is all the more charming for it.

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