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  • The First Necktie: The cravat was invented in Croatia

  • The First Psychologist: Marko Marulic was the first person to define the term psychology

  • Start for James Joyce: Joyce’s first job was teaching English to naval officers in Pula

  • Touch the Toe: The statue of Grgur Ninski has a lucky toe that ‘brings luck’


Dalmatian Coast



The best way to experience Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is to charter a luxury yacht and start island-hopping. From the island of Rab in the North to the Bay of Kotor in the South, hundreds of islands fringed with soft pebble beaches, craggy coves and hills scented with wild herbs are yours to discover. Drop anchor and spend the day swimming in gin-clear water and exploring limestone caves and rocky islets all to yourself. Some of our favourite Croatian luxury villas are tucked into this coastline.

Many luxury Croatia holidays begin in Dubrovnik, one of the most exciting destinations in the Adriatic. Long before the TV series, Game of Thrones placed Dubrovnik on the map, this baroque fortressed town lured writers, artists and explorers from all over Europe to marvel at its architecture and city walls. In the heat of the day, shady cobbled squares are perfect for people-watching and in the late afternoon, the city’s terracotta tops glow with the setting sun.

Spilt was designed to be accessed by water. As you sail into the harbour, you encounter a vast walled city sparkling its marble reflection on the Adriatic Bay. Behind it, mountains draped in forest rise to the cobalt sky, and the sense of powerful emperors and military might stand the test of time. This ancient city of grand palaces, narrow cobbled streets and tiny churches is worth every day you spend here. Luxury Croatia holidays should include a visit to Spilt.

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