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Villa Hawk
Cape Town, South Africa
Luxury villa holiday with commanding views of Cape Town and sleek contemporary design.
Safari Arijiju
Arijiju, Laikipia, Kenya
Relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature at this incredible luxury private sanctuary in Kenya’s breathtaking Borana Lewa Conservancy. Curate your own African Adventure.
thanda island private island tanzania
Thanda Island
Thanda Island, Tanzania, Africa
Enjoy exceptional experiences and limitless levels of luxury at this eco-friendly private island in Tanzania, Africa. Discover your own private island sanctuary.
Colina Verde
Colina Verde, Mozambique
Luxury holiday home where adventure, relaxation and seclusion make this one of the most sought-after family villa holidays in Mozambique.
Leobo Private Reserve
Waterberg, Johannesburg, South Africa
Private luxury safari lodges with state-of-the-art observatory and a vast range of activities for all ages.
Safari Lodge - Bush Suite
Thanda Safari
Thanda Safari, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Private luxury safari lodges with a state-of-the-art wildlife observatory and enriching selection of activities for couples and families.
La Cigale Estate
The Seychelles
La Cigale offers guests the ultimate luxury Seychelles holiday in sumptuous seclusion and glorious comfort.
Chem Chem Safari
Tanzania, Africa
Three stylish tented safari camps in Tanzanian wilderness. Bordered by Lake Manyara, Lake Burunge and Tarangire National Park, these luxury safari lodges define the concept of a ‘slow safari’.