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  • Arctic Circle: In summer, the sun stays above the horizon all day and night in the Arctic circle.

  • Nature: Home to Europe’s largest lake district and last untamed wilderness; 90% of the country is covered in either forest or water.

  • Northern Lights: Finland is famous for its spectacular views of the Northern Lights. Lapland is the favourite spot, and the best latitude for seeing them is the Kilpisjärvi region.

  • Experiences: From hot air balloon safaris over the Serengeti to walking safaris in Kenya, the vast continent of Africa is a land of unforgettable experiences waiting to happen.


Finnish Lapland



Whilst the opportunity for high-octane adventure is plentiful – from snowmobiling and learning Arctic survival skills – this winter wonderland is also a tranquil haven encouraging a slower pace of life. Being Europe’s last remaining wilderness, Finnish Lapland offers awe and adventure in equal measure whether you chose to visit in summer or winter. Experience the midnight sun in summer or the Aurora Borealis in winter, and meet with the Sami People of Lapland; an experience with the largest indigenous group in Europe which will no doubt become an engrained memory.

Finland in the summer is a country revitalised. Come summer, a landscape of lakes reveals itself. Set to be one of your most enduring memories of Finland, forest-fringed emerald lakes reflect the sky to be the picture-perfect vision of Finland. Think luxury lakeside cabins and wooden jetties, filling your days with boats, bikes and hikes.

Where maritime history meets charming villages along Finland’s coastline. Home to more than 50,000 islands, there are unlimited opportunities to fall in love with a maritime culture and easy-going island lifestyle as you island hop through the world’s biggest archipelago. Step back in time and explore Finland’s wooden waterside towns, venture to secluded island lighthouses or explore the wildly beautiful national parks.

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